Trainspotter Hamsterette With Weird Font Issues (flamsterette_x) wrote in fathom,
Trainspotter Hamsterette With Weird Font Issues

Open invitation..

Come visit
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Come visit <a href-"">Canadope</a>! We're apparently getting a lot of traffic from a bunch of different sites all over the web. I'm just getting used to this admin gig, and it definitely involves promo! (well, maybe not strictly.. but the way I see it, part of my job is to direct people to the site) So excuse / forgive my insane cross-posting. At least I'm not resorting to illegal means to drive traffic to the site. ;)

Non-Canadians are welcome, and some are already registered. So don't worry, it won't be all us Canadians against the rest of the world. :D

If you want to register, you'll need a free EZBoards account. Shouldn't be too hard to get.. but of course, you're free to lurk around as well. :) So come visit, and please give me feedback here if you do. I think we need all the feedback we can get! (it's only been up and running for two days proper.. give us time to iron out the kinks, aye?)
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