Stimulation, not Entertainment (mrknowitall) wrote in fathom,
Stimulation, not Entertainment

Fathom outage update!

Over at The Lair, opalcat came along and let us know what the status of Fathom is. Following is her post. As you can see, it's a bit of a mixed bag...

In keeping with tradition, the very night I left for a relaxing vacation at my family's summer lake house in New Hampshire, evil hackers took out the server. In the past, we've found out about hacking because we see little oddities. This time they actually went and installed cPanel, which overwrote all of our Apache configurations and so on. Basically, they broke *everything*. I got on the phone with the techs and they made a backup of the server onto another computer for safekeeping, and turned off our server.

The very next morning my laptop refused to power on. I had to take it three towns over to the nearest repair shop. *sigh*

Anyway, the long story condensed down is this: my laptop works again, but the backup they made was jumbled garbage when they tried to unzip it, and when they tried to turn our server back on, it would not boot up. So I have no way of getting to any of our old data through them (but I'm 99% sure that nothing was actually lost.) They have physically mailed the hard drive to Rob and he is going to put it into one of his computers and try to get the data off. At that point, I can set it all up again on a new server.

Oh what fun.

I am not sure when he will get the drive or how long it will take to get the data off. I am going to be out of town again for a wedding from Thursday night until Sunday night but other than that I'm going to be around, so as soon as that stuff is available I'll be setting it up fresh. Cross your fingers that the disk is recoverable!

[Needless to say, my vacation was totally ruined. :( ]

So, she's got the experts working on it, and with luck it will be back with nothing lost. Keep your fingers crossed! And by all means, don't forget to thank opalcat for her tireless efforts. Thanks, Opal!
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